Cape Cod Beer: true to its word, a vacation (and a good dose of community) in every pint

Scroll down the Cape Cod Beer brewer bios, and they certainly look like they're having fun. There's brewmaster Todd, who gave up his gainful employment as an electrician to devote himself to beer. There's Brian, who mans the growlers. Blake is hard at work finding a meaningful relationship not with a person, but with the brew.

Oh, and Beth. But as the unofficial "troll under the stairs," she looks like she's having less fun than the rest with that mountain of paperwork.

But the fun isn't what's so exciting about these vignettes; more noteworthy is that I actually recognize a few of the folks behind my beer. I've seen them at restaurants around town, enjoying a brew right along with the rest of us. Try to imagine putting a face to your Bud Light; other than a toad, it's hard to do.

Last year alone, the young company supported over 50 local organizations, spanning every sort from fellow ale makers to local elementary schools to the Alzheimer's Association. They welcome suggestions for what the next brew should be; and they're out front to meet and greet as they refill growlers each afternoon.

As I cracked open my growler of locally brewed Heffeweizen last night, I couldn't help but catch a bit of the spirit. The Hyannis-made beer may offer a vacation, but at its heart, it's about Cape community. And that's an ethos I can drink to.


Anonymous said...

I love beer. A lot.

dianneml said...

This is one of the MOST community-spirited local companies on Cape Cod and they deserve the recognition and the praise for their fabulous product. Thank you for highlighting our good friends Todd & Beth, Brian & Blake on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words & support!

I LOVE knowing the people behind the products I use and eat...and both Todd and I laughed OUT LOUD about your Bud Light/Toad comment.

Would be happy to show you around the brewery next time you are in Hyannis!

Have a great weekend!

Elspeth said...

Beth & Todd: Glad you liked the toad—I must say I was laughing myself. I would love to tour the brewery—will give a call next time I make it up that way. Hope the weekend went well for you.

And to anonymous: Don't we all...

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