Why I do this

There are a lot of reasons why I do this. It might have started because when I graduated from college I didn't have a job, but it has turned into much, much more. For starters, I am here because I love to write. I love to tell stories about food and the people behind it and especially about the way it ties into my every day family life. I also think trying to eat locally is important, mostly for social reasons, but also for environmental reasons and even economic ones.

In my wildest dreams, I will one day live in a Wellfeet that has a daily, year-round farmers' market complete with artisanal baked goods and beers and pastas and fresh seafood stands and a butcher and of course all sorts of produce. That day might be a long ways away, but I hope that by writing and posting recipes and sharing what I discover in my radio reporting about local food here, more and more of you will be inspired to want (and work for) the same thing.

I also really like chocolate, and I don't think that recipes for things like Wellesley fudge cake are out of place on this site. I am not a total locavore. There are too many foods I enjoy that simply don't grow here—things like spices and extracts and fresh clementines—and trade between foodsheds has been a hot commodity since way before my grandmother's time. That said, where you see a recipe for chocolate cake, the flour is local and the milk and and the eggs and the butter and the vanilla extract is almost always homemade by a very generous and crafty friend. I don't really think it's very exciting to talk about where I buy my eggs every single time, so I don't list that in the recipes (most things are in a that "Shop Like a Local" sidebar list), but if you ever have a question about an ingredient that you can't find a source for please feel free to ask.

Really actually, if you have any question, or comment, or anything else pleasant to say, I'd love to hear from you. I write this blog for fun, as a hobby really, so I'm not particularly interested in anything on the not-so-pleasant side. I think of this blog as an extension of my kitchen, and as such, I ask you to be respectful and not write anything you wouldn't feel comfortable saying to all of us over a cup of tea sitting face to face. I reserve the right to remove any comments that I feel are hurtful or rude or otherwise damaging to this space. (Sorry, I know that wasn't very much fun, but I had to get it out there.) Of course, mostly the point of this blog is to have fun, with each other and of course with food. So, please, please stick around, and feel free to get in touch. Every comment you leave is emailed straight to me, but you can also send me a note directly at elspeth.pierson@gmail.com. You have no idea how much I enjoy being here with you each week.

T-shirts are in !

My friend Josiah has been asking me to get t-shirts printed with the Diary's logo for months. Finally—with the help of his friend Robert, who owns an all-natural hemp t-shirt company—you can show off the handiwork of former White House calligrapher Rick Paulus of Brewster. (He designed my logo—and if you want to see a big close up, it's over here.)

I only ordered 36 t-shirts for this first batch. They're navy blue with blog-orange lettering—on the front they say Diary of a Locavore in the calligraphy font used in the logo (see the picture you clicked on to get here), and on the back, the logo stretches from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. They're soft, they're colorful, they were designed, conceived, and printed locally. 

In order to cover my costs, they're selling for $22 a pop. If you want to order one (or maybe even two!), send an email to elspeth.hay@gmail.com with the following information:

1: How many you want,

2: of what size,
3: sent to what address.

I will figure out the shipping cost,

ask you to send me a check for the shipping + the cost of the t-shirts,
receive your check,
and put your shirts in the mail.

Happy local shopping everyone!


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