T-shirts are in !

My friend Josiah has been asking me to get t-shirts printed with the Diary's logo for months. Finally—with the help of his friend Robert, who owns an all-natural hemp t-shirt company—you can show off the handiwork of former White House calligrapher Rick Paulus of Brewster. (He designed my logo—and if you want to see a big close up, it's over here.)

I only ordered 36 t-shirts for this first batch. They're navy blue with blog-orange lettering—on the front they say Diary of a Locavore in the calligraphy font used in the logo (see the picture you clicked on to get here), and on the back, the logo stretches from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. They're soft, they're colorful, they were designed, conceived, and printed locally. 

In order to cover my costs, they're selling for $22 a pop. If you want to order one (or maybe even two!), send an email to elspeth.hay@gmail.com with the following information:

1: How many you want,

2: of what size,
3: sent to what address.

I will figure out the shipping cost,

ask you to send me a check for the shipping + the cost of the t-shirts,
receive your check,
and put your shirts in the mail.

Happy local shopping everyone!


T-shirts supplier said...

I want to get one piece. Please let me know that how can I place an order. Thanks dude :)

Elspeth said...

I am currently sold out. So sorry!

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Anna Schafer said...

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Anna Schafer said...

My friend Josiah has been asking me to get t-shirts printed with the Diary's logo for months. work clothes columbia sc

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