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Have you thought about Christmas? Are you ready?

I'm not sure what ready means, exactly, but I feel pretty good about the way things are shaping up. The eggnog is made—in fact, we made it the weekend after Thanksgiving, a six dozen egg batch—and much of it has already been drunk. We had a few friends over for dinner and a "nog-off" in early December, where the showdown was between Colonel Miles' Cary's legendary bourbon nog and our friend Ethan's new-fangled Truro spiced rum nog. They were both so different, and so good, that in the end we decided comparing was a little like trying to decide between apples and oranges, and so instead we played a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity, lost all our dignity, and called it a day. 

Last weekend my parents and sister arrived, and we spent Friday making gingerbread houses with Sally and my nieces and Saturday baking off a batch of sugar cookies, which are now (along with a mason jar of eggnog) en route to my grandmother in Richmond. The only real damper on the festivities has been the amount of disciplining required to contain a three-year-old's candy appetite, and the subsequent feeling of parental failure. I believe (or at least  hope) this is to be expected, but still. It's frustrating. 

Which is why in the remaining seven ! days until the holiday really ramps up, we're going to be eating a lot of vegetables. The menu for this week includes a pretty-looking roasted beet salad from Bon Appétit, a celery Caesar, a turnip bisque from James Peterson's Splendid Soups that will with any luck take care of at least half of the seven pounder in the back of the fridge, and an encore of the kale pomegranate salad that disappeared so quickly the other day. We are trying trying to contain our excitement.

What about you?


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