Cranberry cordial and Westport Rivers blanc de blanc mimosas

Westport Rivers Winery in Westport, Mass. makes a mean sparkling wine. Their blanc de blanc—"conceived and born into existence as the perfect wine for oysters"—fills a spot in our wine rack reserved for special occasions. Yesterday, as a toast to my favorite holiday, we set up the rickety old ladder and took a bottle down.

The family owned vineyard is best known for its sparkling wine. It claims the cool climate lends a dramatic taste to the grapes, which in turn is expressed in the wines. Based on my tastings, I'd say I agree.

Coupled with a splash of chilled cranberry cordial given us by a friend who went picking at the dune bogs in P-town, the sparkling wine made a crisp, delicate mimosa with a hint of spring.

A plate of fresh shucked Wellfleet oysters on the half shell rounded off the hors d'oeuvres, and we toasted to spring.

To check out the rest of their collection (I recommend the Imperial Sec Riesling—"a frothy mousse of tiny bubbles") go to www.westportrivers.com or buy at Perry's Market in P-town or the Liquor Loft in Orleans. The cordial you'll have to make for yourself come summer.


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