Maine oats with a strawberry rhubarb compote

One might imagine that after almost 2 months of near daily oatmeal breakfasts, I would be a bit weary of the cereal. Yet with ten pounds from my winter order still to go, I find myself anything but. I mix it up: vanilla nutmeg one morning, squash butter and milk the next. Today, it was rhubarb.

I heard from my friend Chelsea at a dinner party Saturday evening that her father's rhubarb patch was ready to pick. I found myself (as I often do these days) becoming perhaps overly interested in the offhand statement, hoping to weasel my way into a few green stalks. (Her father, Jim Rose, is the friend who sells eggs and whatever else he has to offer at the moment at the end of his driveway at 2426 Rt. 6 in Wellfleet).

I drove by Sunday; no luck. Yesterday morning, on my way to work I left a note: Rhubarb? Upon my return nine hours later, there it was, tucked into a bag on the back porch with a carton of eggs. Thought you'd need these for the pie, it read.

I haven't made pie; not yet at least. But while I wait for the weekend's bake day, I'm certainly enjoying spicing up that tenth pound of oatmeal.


Serves 2

Cut up one stalk rhubarb. Boil in very little water (just enough to cover the bottom of a small pan and soak the pieces) until tender, about 5 minutes. Drain water and add 3-5 tablespoons of last year's strawberry jam (not jelly, as the berries should be whole). Sweeten with sugar as needed and enjoy hot over oats or toast.


Anonymous said...

You know, I'm not typically an oatmeal guy, but rhubarb as the topping just might make me a convert...good idea! And I'm going to have to start leaving notes on my neighbors' porches about those garden goodies I need...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding us that rhubarb is not just for gooey desserts! Mine should be ready to pick in another few days, and I look forward to following your suggestion of adding it on my morning oatmeal.

How 'bout tackling rhubarb jam for your readers? A friend of mine in Maine used to make the most wonderful rhubarb jam. It was subtle but oh so delicious. I've tried to re-create it but have not had much success.

Keep on bloggin' -- my husband and I read you every day : > )

Anonymous said...

wow! my suitemates and i read this every day and it keeps getting better! keep the recipes coming...we will definitely be putting them to use in our new kitchen...

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