Corn, the bully

At some point in the past 24 hours, industrial food found me. I am now receiving hourly emails promoting such foods as "mini stuffed paninis for families on the go," "SeaPak shrimp," and "Farm Rich appetizers." My, how tempting.

I'm not sure quite how this happened. I like to look at edibility through the Michael Pollan lens: if your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize it as a comestible, don't put it in your mouth.

But frighteningly, deciphering even this message is getting harder and harder. This high fructose corn syrup commercial, put together by an industry terrified of those most malicious ogers of all: loving mothers, is a perfect example.


Anonymous said...

The "how to make macaroni and cheese" video on MonkeySee.com features acclaimed chef and restauranteur, Todd Gray of Equinox Restaurant. Equinox just won the RAMMY (DC Restaurant Association award) for 'Best Fine Dining.'

The video is not 'how to make boxed mac & cheese'

How to make M&C

Did you actually watch the video series? Or are you just as guilty as those that pitched you without educating themselves on your blog topic?

Elspeth said...

Foodie 8780:

Fair enough. Amidst the onslaught, I didn't get past the macaroni from the box. I've edited my post to reflect that—thank you for keeping me on my toes!

localfoodfan said...

The corn syrup commercial blew me away, I thought did she really say that??? The smarmy mom who says "blah blah blah in moderation" it smelled of propaganda and damage control.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Definitely no ego - love that and love that you are such a good sport. That is the one thing that turns me off to the culinary elite - it is such a closed crew. Others with your credentials would have ignored the comment completely or even removed it from their blog. You truly are a social media champion and I have been converted to a fan! Looking forward to more posts! Thanks!

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