The brussel sprout & the locust

There was an accident, of sorts, yesterday. I apologize for my absence—but it was one difficult to stomach.

It involved the brussel sprouts, and a tree. A very large tree, one that the arborists had come to remove so that my winter garden could receive a bit more light, now that the sun has dipped in the horizon.

Of course the tree didn't fall in quite the right direction, and the garden so in need of light received instead a heavy blow. I heard all this over the phone.

When I arrived home to survey the damage, it wasn't so bad as my Route 6 hysteria had initially imagined. Only a narrow swath was hit: a chunk of winter scallions, the towering brussel sprouts, and a few tiny Italian kale. But still, I'd been babying those brussel sprouts since April! and the rest since August.

Luckily, the brussel sprouts were mature enough at least to be ready for dinner. I bathed them carefully, removed their bottoms, and put them into my finest Le Creuset for a proper burial. With a dab of olive oil, hot, and their tiny leaves unfolding, they sank into the pan to steam and let go. We said a final prayer over the table, and bit in to enjoy. They were every bit worth the seven month wait.


Serves 2

Remove the edible balls from 2 stalks brussel sprouts. Wash, clean, and cut the larger bottoms from the sprouts. In a heavy bottomed, deep frying pan or pot, heat up several tablespoons oil over medium heat. Drop in the sprouts, stirring once, and cover. Let steam, stirring occasionally, until tender. Eat hot.


Bie said...

Elspeth; Am glad the damage was not worse.It does shake up one alittle bit. But, there is nothing better than very young brussel sprouts. Take care,hugs,love Biee

Anonymous said...

My mother -- that would be the woman who left the message above -- used to serve Brussel sprouts, and I HATED them. They literally made me gag. Yet she would sit at the table and insist that they were delicious.

It wasn't until many years later, when I was married and living in Maine, that I was served FRESH Brussel sprouts and discovered, to my amazement, that they really are delicious.

In fact, Papa and I just had them for dinner tonight. I made that great Moosewood recipe "Cheese and Cauliflower Pie" and decided to add some Brussel sprouts, both for color and flavor. A very tasty addition -- I recommend trying it! ~xo, Mama

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