Lunch in Truro Center

It's time for a picnic. I know it's chilly out, but the sun's here at least, and there's a new stop for lunch in Truro Center, so grab your blanket.

It's Mac's Seafood, no less—a rather unexpected stop. There are no tables inside the fish market, no chairs. But there's a fry-o-lator spitting and a grill fired up, and you can bet the lobster meat is fresh-shucked.

Mixed carefully with mayo, celery, red onion, and a splash of lemon juice, the salad can't be beat. Add in two slices to flame-toasted golden-buttered Rustica bread, hand-cut fries, and a side of pickle, and you have yourself a meal to write home about.

Of course, I'm a bit biased: it is the fish monger's store, after all. But I promise, it's worth the trip. If I were you, I'd get there before the cold sets in. But no hurry; this Truro Center manna will be around until New Year's Eve.


Anonymous said...

I can verify that this is indeed a great lunch spot. My husband and I were in Truro last month and stopped at Mac's for an impromptu picnic. It's true; there are no tables or chairs, but that didn't deter us. We had our Hudson Bay picnic blanket in the back of the car, a wedding gift of 33 years ago, and spread it on the warm pavement. With the tourists gone, the parking lot was almost all ours. It wasn't the most romantic place we've ever spread a picnic, but the service and the food were terrific. ~A Maine Reader

rjsheldon said...

Elspeth, May I include an article about your Blog in my monthly newsletter and on my Blog (http://bobseastham.blogspot.com)?

Thank you.

Elspeth said...

RJSheldon: Of course!

Thanks for reading...


Bie said...

What an enticing luncheon plate.Sorry I cannot join you.Love,Biee

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