Rainy day latte

This morning was one of those lazy, stormy sort of starts. It's hard to rally for such a day: windy, rainy, and altogether gray. There was only one way to get out of bed, really, and that was to bribe ourselves with a latte.

I'd purchased the magnificent milk frother a few weeks before. Sleek and silver, it churned hot milk into foam, pushing tiny bubbles into a fuzzy coat. On the stove, the teakettle steamed and finally whistled, screaming coffee at the top of its lungs.

The beans were Beanstock, roasted in Eastham to a dark, rich perfection. The milk was our raw, creamy liquid from Paskamansett Farms in Dartmouth. Boiling water poured over the grinds, coffee aroma steamed hot, and the cups warmed up on the shelf over the stove. Between the Beanstock and the foam, it was a latte worth getting up for.


Serves 2

Boil 1 cup water; pour over 2 tablespoons Beanstock espresso grinds. Heat up 3/4 cup whole milk; foam with electric frother. Pour a shot of espresso into each mug, top with milk and foam, and enjoy hot.


DanialBerg said...

That looks awesome. I will suggest you to try different coffee brands because after that you can decide which is the best coffee. I personally love Peet’s Whole Bean Coffee.

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