Buckling down

It seems November has arrived for good. The light is different, suddenly, the trees stark, the sky a bleak, gray blanket over the woods. The chimney churns out smoke at a steady pace, filling the neighborhood with a thick, cozy, scent.

It is time to buckle down. The forays of Indian summer are past; the weather is contemplative, stern. The oats have bidden their time through strawberries and peaches, melons and apples, and this morning, finally, I returned for them.

They were patient grains—still sturdy and whole after a season's rest, still good from the 20 pound bag I bought last February by mail. They came from a farm in Maine, Wood Prairie Farm, along with the beans and flour and a few packets of seed. They were round, robust, the kind of oat with chew and a resonating wholesomeness of sorts. We ate them nearly every morning last spring, cooked in milk and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and then out the door to another frosty day.

Today, I managed to make them while holding on to the season. I cooked them in milk, gently, added cinnamon and nutmeg, and finally stirred in a good dollop of homemade applesauce to the cooling pot. The fruit blended seamlessly into the porridge, and I sat down to put in a good day's work.


Serves 1

Heat up 1 cup milk until hot and steaming (do not boil). Add 1/2 cup oats, and stir, bringing to a gentle boil. Let cook 5-10 minutes, or until oats and milk become a thick porridge. Turn off heat, and stir in a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg, and 1/4 cup applesauce. Top with cream and cinnamon sugar to taste; enjoy hot.


Andrea said...

I've been meaning to place an order from WPF for awhile now (particularly for the oats), but I was concerned about how they would store. Would we be able to get through a 20# bag before they went off or got bugs. It sounds like yours got through the summer just fine. Any special tricks? Where did you store them? Maybe it is time to place our order (we make enough granola and muesli around here that it seems to make sense).


Elspeth said...

Hi Andrea:

Ours lasted from last February through this November, so straight through the summer. We had no problems with bugs, and kept them in the bag they came in, with the top rolled down. The oats are of very good quality and were delivered very efficiently. Also, I'm not sure but I think you can order a 10 lb. bag, too, if you'd prefer to get less at a time.

All in all, I highly recommend dealing with WPF. I've never had a bad order.

Hope that helps—


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