Thank you

Thank you, for a wonderful night. You were a great crowd, and I fear we may be spoiled forever.

Last night was the first of what I hope will be many community suppers to come. We were amazed by the turnout and the warmth and the energy, and we hope that, in turn, you enjoyed the food.

To that end, I didn't forget. I know you all were mumbling about a recipe for the turnip bisque. I called Jerome this morning, and he graciously agreed to share. I'm after him about the Brussels sprouts myself, so with any luck, I'll have both for you tomorrow.

For those of you who couldn't make it, we understand of course, but I hope one of these times you'll be there. It was amazing how everything came together—Jerome plating with four helpers in the kitchen as plates clattered and sauces flew; the girls helping Sarah and me ferry to and fro, crashing through saloon doors; fifty-five diners fed from a single lamb and the wealth of the land. We were nervous, then giddy, until finally, come midnight we collapsed.

Today, we woke up and sent nearly a thousand dollars to Safe Harbor. So thank you again, this time on their behalf.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post, Elspeth -- and what a lovely thing to do for your community. I assume you'll let us know when the next one is. Your adoring parents would love to come down for it! xo, Mama

Rachel said...

It was a wonderful tasty dinner, we really really enjoyed it and are looking forward to more to come.
Thank you (and thank you for the soup recipe)

Numtini said...

It was an absolutely wonderful dinner. Please please do more! We can't wait!

I think the sprouts were just roasted, maybe with some drippings from the lamb. I use a cast iron pan preheated in the oven to get the carmelization without burning them.

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