Name that onion

The other day
on a walk
out of town,
over Uncle Tim's Bridge,
along Pine Point

I found these

growing on the side of the road.
They weren't being tended
and they don't look like ramps
to me.

Any ideas, anyone?

(Because cooked down in butter
and white wine
over pasta
they tasted awfully good.)

I'd like to look for more.


Anonymous said...

hi elspeth,
i am thinking that your onion might be an herb that is called garlic chives, since they are "weeds" that grow pretty much anywhere, and tend to have curly green tops. they can be a bit of a pain in an herb garden since they can take over and spread, but if they are yummy, it should be easy enough to keep even with them!
you should be able to find seeds for them wherever veggie seeds are sold.
irene, south wellfleet

Elspeth said...

hi irene:

thank you! do they look like this—like little onions—on the bottom? i was a bit confused about that...maybe i will plant some along our driveway, or some other place where they can feel free to spread.

all the best,

Anonymous said...

hello again,
yes, they should look like little scallions. yes, plant them where they can go a little wild....then you may not ever be without them again!

Elspeth said...

that sounds like a plan! along the driveway they go...

Anonymous said...

Elspeth, thank you for reminding us that we can always keep our eye out for edibles in other places than the grocery store or even our own gardens. I don't know if these onion cousins grow in Maine, but I am going to start looking for them -- once the snow melts, that is!

Keep up the good work. My husband and I love reading your blog and trying your recipes.

~A Maine Reader

Elspeth said...

Maine Reader:

Thank you so much. Keep your eye out for curly green tops—if you see them, you'll know. They are unmistakably in the onion family!


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