Not one drop

Do you see that bottle right there? The one with the silver shell stopper peeking out? [Hi Nancy! Thank you! We use it every day!] The dark green bottle, with no label. Right beside the pickles, and beneath the horseradish. That's the wine I'd like to talk about today.

That's because I finally received my very first taste of Truro Vineyard's estate-bottled chardonnay. I talked about it here, a while ago, because I was pretty enthralled by the idea that we could grow enough grapes to make our very own wine, even on sandy Cape Cod. Well, I had to be patient, but finally my friend Kristen, whose family owns the vineyard, brought it over for me to try the other day.

I'm proud to say I drank the whole thing myself.

[No! Not all at once. It took several evenings, at least two bathtubs, and exactly 192 pages of a very good book.] But I didn't share. Not. One. Drop.

That's why you need to go on and get your own. If you like chardonnay, I have a feeling you'll like this. Not to mention the special little tingle you'll get from raising your glass to a Cape grown grape. The vineyard doesn't open until April 3, but that day, I recommend you make a trip. Oh! and if there's any chance you could be forced to share, get two. Trust me on this. I had to rule mine with an iron fist.

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