On certain days

They may not be
in season here
in Wellfleet
Woods Hole.

But in Florida
in the United States of America
they are.


And on certain days in March
in the wake of
too much
frozen applesauce
and slippery strawberries
over yogurt
is good enough for me.

Just don't forget
that they're
a treat.


Tara said...

I don't think I could get through winter without the occasional citrus fruit. It's the illusion of a warm, sunny day.

Elspeth said...

I completely agree. Especially when all the weather gods are giving you is a big old heap of flurries and freezing rain.

Andrea said...

I agree they are a treat. My daughter was given a box of organic Florida mandarins for christmas and my husband got a box of grapefruit. They are fully enjoyed and appreciated and when they run out, they are gone. We see it as a gift and it helps balance out our mostly local eating.

Elspeth said...

What a wonderful Christmas idea! I will have to use that next year...

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