Fingers crossed

I just stopped by to say that I was going to bake you a cake today, but the heat intervened, and the way that it makes me feel a little bit woozy, and instead, I decided I had better open all the windows and lie down on the couch.

And maybe after that, fingers crossed, I'll make my way over to Ryder Beach and sneak onto the water trampoline above. Some renters put it up the other day, and it would be awfully nice if they'd let us take a jump or two, don't you think?

Cake would be nice, too, but that'll have to wait until I cool down enough to turn the oven on. By Thursday, I very much hope to have it in hand. I'll see you then.


Bie said...

hope you jumped on the trampoline.Not too much.Too hot for that.Love,Biee

Anonymous said...

rats, i could go for some cake! Just found you searching for cape cod blogs. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of cake: how did the red velvet cake come out? Do you think it's "the one"?? ~ xo, MOTB

Elspeth said...


i didn't get to go on the trampoline in the end, but i did get to go for a swim. too hot, indeed.


melissa: cake is coming soon! check back in tomorrow and i promise it will be up.

and motb, you will hear all about that tomorrow. let's just say it felt a lot like the day i met alex.

all the best,

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