To market

Alex and I just wanted to pop in today to say that we are going to the second ( ! ) ever ( ! ) Cape Cod winter farmers' market tomorrow, and we very much hope to see you there.

It's in Marstons Mills at Liberty Hall on Main Street, from 10am to 2pm. There will be all sorts of goodies, including, I'm told, apple cider donuts. I also have my fingers crossed for radicchio, and Alex is hoping for some new cuts of meat. Fisher, for his part, is praying to Dog that we'll leave a pound of brisket unattended in the backseat.

To market, to market—with any luck, we'll see you there.


Alison said...

Had I known earlier about the apple cider doughnuts, I might have flown the 3000 miles to be there....maybe next week. lol!

Elspeth said...

Alison, I know exactly how you feel.

Laurie said...

Best of luck with Fisher's plan! Too funny!

Unknown said...

I am sure you told us this before.. but how does one become a sponsor of the local food report...We (Cape Cod Beer) would like to do that. You can reach me via email .. its my first name (beth) at cape cod beer.com ( I hate spam so I try not to post it online too often...

Unknown said...

HI Elspeth, I live in Wellfleet and have a backyard garden I have worked from sand up! I would love to have you see it and give suggestions from your experience.
Wes Chapman

Elspeth said...

Laurie, thankfully Fisher did not succeed. One more brisket for us!

Beth, I passed your message along to Georgia McDonald at WCAI, who is charge of my fundraising. She said she would be in touch. Thank you so much for asking!

And Wes, I tried to write you a note via email, but for some reason it got sent back, so why don't you just get in touch with me at elspeth.hay@gmail.com.

All the best,


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