We will be back

Fisher and I just wanted to say that we are home in Maine for a visit for a few days. We are very busy—turning forty quarts of strawberries into homemade jam and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and 84 years of a long, full life—but we will be back here soon. In the meantime, Fisher has come up with something to keep you entertained: an act in which he stars as himself, balancing a spear of asparagus on his nose.

We'll see you Thursday, everyone.


Anonymous said...

To quote our friend Violet, "Too much!" We already miss you, Sweetie. The jam is delicious. Thank you for all your efforts, from the picking to the putting up. We will be bringing your share to you on our next visit!
~XO, Mama

Anna said...

Awww fishy...we miss him too!

Laurie said...

Fisher is such a cutie! And a natural!

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