Two new

Two new babies came into our little town this week. Two boys, to two dear friends. It's always hard to know how soon to visit, what to bring, what they both might need to get them through the first over-joyed, over-tired days. So you do what feels right—this week, I baked.

The recipe I used was one I read at the bottom of a friend's essay a few years back. New Moms, it was called—I clipped it and tucked it away. The piece was published September, and it's just the thing for an autumn delivery: butternut squash, cinnamon, nutmeg, whole wheat. The other day I pulled a squash off the windowsill, roasted it tender, pureed it and baked a batch of muffins, a plate for each.

Everyone's home now—healthy, fed, happy. In case you have someone to welcome, I want you to have the recipe. But you're going to have to get it from the source, over here, because half the beauty is reading the essay.


sarah said...

How sweet. As an almost~mamma who is in the final days of waiting for our new one, these muffins sound like just the thing I'd want to come home to. Bless you, friends who honor the hard work of birth, and bake. xo

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I shared with our Holistic Moms group as we've had a few births this week to celebrate!

Elspeth said...

sarah and jessica, congrats to you both, and i hope these come in handy!

all the best,

Anonymous said...

What a cute post. I, for one, love when both babies and muffins come into the world!

xoxo anna

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