I could lie

I could lie to you. I could tell you that we've been roasting Truro pork chops and using the bones to make big batches of broth for homemade Pho and lingering over fresh pumpkin muffins, or apple spice cake. But the truth is we have a leaky pipe and a flooded basement and no water, and since Saturday we've been relying on take-out and the generosity of friends.

Not that it's been bad, really. We had a nice lunch at Wellfleet Town Pizza on Saturday and our friend Gui grilled us prime rib from Northeast Family Farms that night, and we even contributed the box of just-picked Chinese cabbage you see up there, from the Mac's Shack garden. I could hardly believe the greens were still lingering, without any covering or attention.

Then yesterday we went over to Alex's brother's to sample cheeses from a new place called Robinson's Farm in Hardwick. The Robinsons started raising grass-fed cows in 2006, and this year, they just released a line of artisinal raw milk cheeses. Alex and Mac are thinking of selling them in the restaurants as part of a local cheese plate, and by the pound at the markets.

The Swiss was good with pickles and pepperoncinis, and a there was a buttery melting cheese that was top-notch over pan-fried potatoes. I'm hoping that Alex will pick up at least the melting one, so that I can make an all-local French onion soup.

In the meantime, of course, I'll take running water. When that happens, here's what's on my to-cook list:
  1. this penne with garlic and kale
  2. Stacey Glassman's squash with olive oil and garlic
  3. cream of beet soup from James Peterson
  4. buckwheat pancakes with the flour I ground down the other day from our grain CSA
  5. deb's cranberry upside-down cake
  6. more simple breakfasts like this
  7. and maybe, just maybe, a batch of homemade pop tarts to use up our astounding supply of raspberry jam
Happy cooking, everyone.


Anna said...

I can vouch for deb's upside-down cake. It's SO delicious, just make sure you have others on hand to help eat it. We had trouble finishing the whole thing, even with Andy's help!

xoxo anna

ps. thanks for the link! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Elspeth-
Sorry to hear about the pipe, the basement, and the (no) water. You sound very cheerful in spite of it all!
I loved the squash show and tell on your previous post.
Keeping fingers crossed for a rapid improvement in the plumbing situation!
Happy New Year to you and Alex!

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