Pretty surreal

Hi friends. I just wanted to pop in today to tell you some news. It's big news, and I'm not sure how I feel about sharing it in such a public space, but I can't wait any longer. Here goes!

At the end of September, Alex and I are expecting a baby.

I know! We absolutely positively can't wait. He or she is about the size of an heirloom tomato, and is swooshing and kicking all around. It's amazing and exciting, and pretty surreal.

Food-wise, there was a rather dire period back in February and March when I could only stomach popcorn, watermelon, and Hint of Lime Tostitos chips, but that seems to have passed. (Thank goodness!) Things are pretty much back to normal around here, beyond a few extra eggs and steaks and lobster salad rolls. When the farmers market opens in Orleans May 14th (!), we'll see you there.

So thanks, as always, for everything. It feels very good to share.


SisterX_83 said...


Gary said...

Congratulations Elspeth!! That's wonderful news. A good reason to eat for two.... :)

Jess said...

Congratulations Elspeth! What wonderful news.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I remember how it was. We have the same timeline, my daughter was born at the end of September. But it was 7 years ago. First trimester was something :) But by now you should be absolutely positively fine. And the best thing - you could swim everyday in your last trimester. It feels so good on your back and the whole body!

Anna said...

can't WAIT to meet the littlest hay!! sending belly kisses your way...xoxo

Elspeth said...

thank you so much everyone! we are over the moon. and anonymous, i'm planning on it. i always change over from walking to swimming as soon as the ponds warm up, so i have my fingers crossed it'll only be another month!


Beth said...

Congrats! Echoing anonymous' comment, both my children were born around Labor Day and I can confirm that floating your way through the "big" part of pregnancy is wonderful. Winter is a natural time to be nested indoors and swaddling and cuddling a new babe by the woodstove is blissful. Wishing you all the best bringing a new locavore into the world!

Elisabeth said...

SO so excited for you, Elspeth! As if Anna and I don't write enough about babies on our blog already, we will up the number of posts of cute baby videos and onesies. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!

Alison said...

Somehow I missed this post--and the big news. A baby! How wonderful. I hope you are feeling well...I loved being pregnant. Congratulations. <3

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Congratulations Elspeth!!

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