The Local Food Report: new foods at farmers' markets

Attention shoppers! Or at least, attention Massachusetts farmers market shoppers who are over 21 and enjoy wine and littlenecks and oysters!

It is now legal for local shellfishermen and vineyard owners to sell at farmers markets.

So far, only two vendors have taken advantage of the shellfish thing. There's a guy in Provincetown selling Wellfleet oysters and littlenecks, and Les Hemmila of Barnstable Seafarms sells at the Wednesday market in Hyannis. The wine regulations just went through this Monday, so it's hard to say yet which vineyards will be where. But I do know that Truro Vineyards is planning to sell at the farmers' market in Provincetown, hopefully by next week, and maybe also at the markets in Orleans, Harwich, and Chatham.

I thought I'd keep you in the loop.

Oh! and if you want to learn more about the state regulations, click on over here. They're actually pretty interesting—there's a lot more allowed than I would have imagined. Finfish, for example. Who knew?! I've seen lobsters, but never a slab of tuna. There are definitely still things that are prohibited—most noticeably raw milk—but based on these regulations, there's a lot more allowed than what we usually see.


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