From Sandwich

We're just home from the Sandwich Winter Farmers' Market, and I wanted to stop in and say how much fun we had. There aren't a ton of vendors—Joe Beaulieu selling pastured beef and pork and even the ox tail we wanted for pho!—along with a vineyard, two produce vendors, a woman selling homemade Greek and Lebanese food, a woman with beautiful soaps and art and jams and jellies, and two bakers. 

All in all, a lovely time. Stop by some time—they're there every other Sunday for the rest of the season. See you all soon. xo


Patty said...

I want the knitting pattern for that hat! Love the photo.

Elspeth said...

Patty, it's actually the hood of a sweater. From the Gap no less! I wish I could help.


jan said...

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