Happy sunny

days to you everyone. Get out in those gardens, get that dirt so far under your nails you can't scrub it out. Dip your toes and thighs and oh-what-the-hell! your bottom in the pond and above all soak up that sun. xoxo


Anonymous said...

I started out wearing my "Foxgloves" to put some pansies in hanging baskets (bunnies eat the ones in pots on the ground), but peeled them right off. I do like them, but there is NOTHING like bare hands in dirt and you really do need bare hands to extract little plants out of six-packs without snapping the blooms off. Had to dig the fingernail clippers and a fingernail brush out of the medicine cabinet!! Hasn't this been a glorious week?!?

Elspeth said...

Laurie, I couldn't agree more about hands in the dirt. I had the nail tools out too! Even Sally got her hands in there...and amazingly, did not try to eat it, at least not yet.


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