I'll stay

I just wanted to pop in to say hello! from under a mountain of work. I'd rather be here, on our honeymoon, shopping for dinner.

But then again there's no Sally back then, or in Rome. And our little saltbox is full of hole-y Savoy cabbage and our Swiss chard is looking good, almost perfect. And Sally's six months and a day, clamoring for applesauce and egg yolks and anchovies.

I think, after all, I'll stay.


Christine Adams said...

any kid who will eat anchovies is a keeper!

Bruce L. said...

Thank you for providing a bit of sunshine to the rest of us, even when you're buried. Anchovies? Really? I love that girl.

Elspeth said...

i know! she's crazy. we were out to brunch at a place in nyc this weekend and we got a caesar salad with anchovies on top. she devoured one the size of my thumb.

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