All I have to say is:

Blueberry pie is good. You should come to the Wellfleet Farmers' Market tomorrow and get some of Anna Henning's blueberries, because they're good on their own (ask Sally) or in crisp (see my Banner column this week). Equally good. Also, I am a big fan of blueberry pie. 

And in case you're wondering what else will be showing up this week, here's what I've heard:

All sorts of lovely hummus (hummi?), baba ganush, taboulli, baklava, spanakopita, fresh lavender bundles, lemon lavendar marmalade, eggs, garlic, pepper plants (Hungarian Black, Corno de Toro, Sweet Chocolate), heirloom tomato plants, cut flowers, raspberries, Wellfleet-made Bee Body Balms, honey, rhubarb, radishes, fava beans, baked goods, coffee, all sorts of greens, and I'm gonna go out on a limb here—summer squash.

Also! FYI the Orleans market is adding a late afternoon Wednesday market to their summer rotation...first one is up tomorrow, 4-7. The usual faces will be there.

Happy High Summer, everyone.


Anna said...

if i were in wellfleet i would be not walking, not running, but SPRINTING to the farmers market to get my hands on sally (and those yummy goods you mentioned). i miss her. it's probably better for you (and alex) that i am not in wellfleet, though, because you wouldn't have any blueberry pie left.

Elspeth said...

we'd take you over blueberry pie any day. love & miss—

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