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Last week we got together after the farmers' market—all the vendors and I and a few musicians—and we talked about what we want the market to be. We talked while we ate—Tracy had made a sesame pasta and a few farmers had thrown in greens for a salad and Anna was making something she called vegetarian oysters out of purple basil and hummus and peas—and we sat for over an hour. There was some healthy disagreement, but by the end of it, we came out with a pretty clear vision of what we'd like the market to be.

First and foremost, we want it to be a producers market. This means we want the food and flowers and jewelry and plants sold to be grown or produced by the person selling them, and we want to keep it local—Barnstable County. Within that framework we're looking for hyper local—Wellfleet, Truro, the Outer Cape, Orleans.

We also want it to stay relatively small—to stay downtown, and for the time being, not to outgrow its place. We want it to be reliable and consistent, and we want you all to count on us for good food and a good vibe every week.

There was even talk of a winter market—maybe this year, maybe next. It would take time, but there are vendors interested, and inside the Hall, maybe even a home, a space.

Now that we've got our heads on straight, though, we want to know what you think. What do you look for in a market? Are there things you're missing? Things we need? Tell us here, or stop by and say hello Wednesday morning. We'll be there, 8 to noon, with the following:

—Coffee ! and lemonade. Let's start with the important things.

—Baked goods, including pies (blueberry & strawberry rhubarb!), breakfast goodies, and this week's specials: lemon/lime tarts, rhubarb crumb cake muffins, veggie quiche with garlic scapes, roasted zucchini & gruyere, zucchini bread & strawberry rhubarb pie jars!

—Eggs, from Ron & Victoria's hens,

—Honey & Bee Body Balm (from Wellfleet beeswax!),

—Summer squash, blueberries, haricot vert, purple beans, shelling peas, snow peas, vegetarian fugu (you'll have to ask Ron), green & red onions, mixed beets, Swiss chard, kale, basil, mints of every sort, hyssop, lovage, purslane, Massachusetts raised peaches, & more—

—Bouquets, lavender, sunflowers, gladiola, 

and prepared humus (plural), Greek goodies, garlic scape pesto, and chocolate mint jelly.

Come early, beat the heat—we'll see you there.


Alexandra said...

So grateful that Wellfleet has a farmers' market. I don't get down there every Wednesday, but I try. It is inspiring to know local produce matters and that there may be a farmers' market in winter. Yay!

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