The Local Food Report: gourmet trucks

J'aime Sparrow thinks that fast food should also be local and fresh. 

Here she is, peeking out the window of the new food truck she and her husband Christian opened on the side of Route 6 in Wellfleet. He's a designer; she's a chef, and together they've created a road side restaurant that is tasty, affordable, and stocked almost entirely with local food. They're working with people like Ron Backer and Lucas Dinwiddie in Brewster, Peter Burgess in Truro, and Andrew Cummings in Wellfleet. Right now the menu looks like this:

And they're not the only ones. Heidi Pleso opened a gourmet food truck called Fiddlestix in Sandwich, where she's serving up things like an all-local Caprese salad with mozzarella from Fromage A Trois and Crow Farm veggies.

The gourmet food truck movement started in New York City and Los Angelos, but lo and behold it has made its way to the east coast, Paris, and even Cape Cod. Last year, Zagat even added a food truck review category. 

There was supposed to be a food truck festival at the Barnstable County Fairgrounds at the end of August, but unfortunately our leg of the journey was cancelled. (The tour is still going on, though, and is getting as close as Rhode Island, Hingham, and Framingham, so check here for dates and locations around New England.)

You can find out current menu and location info for Sunbird and Fiddlestix on Facebook. You can see a photo gallery and read more about top gourmet food trucks around the country over here, and there's more about the movement over here.


Michelle Shopped said...

Yay! This is sooner than the usual later for the Cape!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, Elspeth! We stopped by the food truck the other day and had an excellent lunch. Loved the fish tacos in particular! ~A Maine visitor

Anna Pollock said...

Wow! This couple sure are creative and resourceful. They manage to put up food business just right in their ow home. I love their innovation and how they make use of their skills to put up a business that would fit to their talents. And also their restaurant is a must try choice too.

Kathryn J. Shea said...

Gourmet trucks is the best! I love buying food from them because I love homemade style dishes.

Eleanor Patel said...

I definitely agree with J'aime, fast food should also help the people in hurry to eat up the nutrients they needed. That's why I totally love her idea of serving and cooking foods handy and healthy at the same time. Seems like she got high end cookwares and equipment to manage this.

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