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It's been decided. We had a meeting of the minds last Wednesday, and for this season, the Wellfleet Farmers' Market will run through October 10th. That means we'll be there this week, and next week, and the one after that. Beyond that, Orleans is open through November 17th, and then the season ends. 

But if you're a farmer, or a faithful customer, tell me. Do you want it to end there? Does anyone else out there wish we could keep going through the winter? We have a space. And we have a few brave souls willing to be there. What we need is some more produce, some more energy. Anyone with a hoophouse want to join us? Root crops? A cellar full of apples or pears?

Just imagine: It's December, Wednesday, early a.m. You grab a coffee from Marissa, a spinach pie from Dianne. You head over to the produce farmers—they've got greens, carrots, turnips, beets. You get a head of cabbage, some nice storage onions, a few heads of garlic. You buy cheese. You buy meat. You pick up a jar of bacon jam. There's a bread vendor, one who bakes fresh that morning with good whole grains. You have lunch. You have dinner. You are stocked, maybe even for a week.

This is not a pipe dream. This is the reality at my parents' farmers' market, in Brunswick, Maine. It is colder there. The winters are longer. There is more farmland, maybe, and more winter energy, but there are plenty of locals willing to drive to shop at a winter market here. Remember the one in Marstons Mills? There was a whole carpool of Wellfleetians headed down there. 

If you want to help me make this happen, please write. You can leave a comment here, and it will go straight to my inbox. Or you can stop by tomorrow and see me at the market. I'm putting a list together of people who share this vision, and the dreaming starts here.


ALo said...

I live in Falmouth, but I like your enthusiasm. We need more of this across Cape Cod. When I visit my friends in the Portsmouth, NH area I become so envious of their year-round market. It really brings the community together around an idea that we can all share. When all the summer people who fill the markets leave...that is when I truly start to love going. There's more time, more appreciation, and more people to relate to. Keep it up Elspeth, and if you can inspire some folks on the Upper Cape I know I'm not the only one who would be grateful.

diary of a tomato said...

I'm part of Seacoast Eat Local and we're about to enter our 6th Winter Farmers' Market season. Our markets alternate between Exeter and Rollinsford, NH, and run from November through April. Even in the depth of winter, we average between 45 to 60 food vendors (producer only), depending on location. Prepared food vendors are committed to using local ingredients, and are by invitation. We started out small, and have grown each year with the support of our amazing farmers and local food patrons!

bruce said...

GREAT post. God I love you. (In the locavore sense). Of Course Wellfleet should be expanding their farmers' market as late into the season as possible! While I don't live in Wellfleet year-round (o that I did), there are locally grown items that should be appreciated well into the colder months. Huge gratitude to you Elspeth, for your perseverence to make it happen.

Sharon said...

Great going, Elspeth! Would love to see a year round farmer's market up in Wellfleet. They have a nice one in Pawtucket...always wondered if one could happen here. I came from Rochester, NY which has a super public market, operating year round. Still miss it! Maybe Wellfleet's future market could help ease the pain.

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