Little helper

I have a new little helper in the kitchen. She is not very tall, but she has a highchair. And a sponge. And a little apron with an elastic neck loop and two pockets and little loafs of freshly baked bread all over that was a gift (thank you!) from a reader.  

We haven't made much recently—there was Oysterfest and house guests and now a mountain of work before we leave on a little overnight to the Vineyard—but we'll be back soon. In the meantime, if you're looking for a recipe, I've got my eye on this. Who doesn't want to make something called Fattoush?

We'll see you soon, everyone. Enjoy the bluster.


Laura said...

Hello Elspeth--

Don't mean to be so shameless, but I don't doubt that this has some very good (and future) relevance for you ... Here is a local fundraiser for the Wellfleet Montessori Preschool. When you order $25 or more, a percentage goes to the school. I share this because they have some very good stuff in here. Truly. I'm thinking little Sally may want her own kitchen utensils and accoutrements for many of your favorite endeavors. This company has incredible stuff!

So if you want to do a little shopping, please take note of the gig:


They will give you a prompt at some point in the check-out process about the school info. Please enter ( I think you'll only need the number, but just in case):

Wellfleet Montessori Preschool
100 Lawrence Rd., Wellfleet, MA 02667

The promotion ends on 12/31. We appreciate it ... and please feel free to pass this on to anyone who may be buying some good gifts for their kids.

Thank you, thank you!


Beth said...

Thanks for the link, we love fattoush and make it frequently in summer when the tomatoes and cukes are plentiful. I prefer a Lebanese-style fattoush with sumac instead of lemon juice and no dairy (yogurt.)
Annisa Helou has a good recipe for that variety here: http://www.anissas.com/blog1/?p=4188

Elspeth said...

Hi Laura,

No worries. Thanks for passing that along.

And Beth, yum! Love the Lebanese-style suggestion. I am looking forward to making a batch.

All the best,

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