The Hellman's Bird

We cooked a turkey yesterday. 

It's a little early, I realize. But we go to Alex's family's for Thanksgiving every year, and his great-aunts cook, which is great. But we wanted to cook our own bird for a change. And so on the recommendation of my friend Kevin, who is the sort of person I trust when it comes to these things, we ordered a bird and slathered the entire 19.36 pound carcass in Hellman's mayonnaise.

Holy cow.

It was amazing. It helps that we got a good bird—it came from Misty Knolls in Vermont, where Alex orders in his turkeys to sell for Thanksgiving. It also helps that we basted it and that we did not stuff it—don't worry, we made stuffing, but we cooked it at the end in all the pan juices. Stuffing the bird actually slows down the cooking time by quite a bit, and more time in the oven means more time drying out. This bird took only 3 hours to cook, and it was hands down some of the juiciest, most delicious meat I've had in years.

If you're not afraid of a little mayo, come Thursday, give it a go. Whisk in some garlic and herbs, rub it all over the bird, and baste periodically. Kevin says the protein in the egg yolks help the fat stick to the skin, which makes it particularly crisp and flavorful. I'm not sure about the mechanics of it, but I'd say he's right. Thank you Kevin!

Oh! and if you need recipes for pumpkin pie or Cranberry Goodin' Pudding or a stalk of Brussels sprouts, don't forget the archives are always here.

Happy turkey day, everyone.

P.S. Thanks to my niece Lili for taking the picture up there. She can already cook, and she's learning the ropes of documentation now, too.


Unknown said...

Hi Elspeth, just inspired to share a seasonal recipe I discovered, http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Roasted-Acorn-Squash-with-Chile-Vinaigrette-236007. But I used a hunk of wonderful kabocha bought from Gretel Norgeot at the last Orleans farmers market Sat., and jalapenos from Ben Chung's kids. (Garlic puree from a tube, my favorite shortcut.) The heat and citrus tang and cilantro nose a wonderful foil for the sweet squash...even better reheated for today's lunch. My husband and I are friends of Prue and Jon- happy TG to all! - Diana Landau

Elspeth said...

Diana, that sound delicious. We just stocked up on winter squash at the market too. We'll have to add this to the list! Nice to meet you, at least virtually :)

All the best,

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