Our weekly bread

Can it really be Monday again? Crikey.

I have made the bed. We folded the laundry. We took the dog for a walk, and after breakfast, while Sally helped with the dishes, I baked our weekly bread. Somehow in the 30-maybe-40 minutes that remain of nap time and the two hours (!) my sister-in-law has gifted me this afternoon, I am going to make a radio show, start on a big writing idea, mail in the dog license, fill out Sally's passport application, and organize all my receipts for our tax accountant! Ha! Ha!

While we're in that fantasy world and I am not bound to the schedule of a one-year-old and do not have a revolving to-do list, let's also get a few things accomplished in the kitchen. I'd like to make this lentil stir-fry, and I've also had my eye on this salad of roasted squash, kale, and radishes. We'll churn out a batch of homemade ice cream with the new cream from our milk coop and a jar of Dianne's walnut-infused honey, and maybe, just maybe, we can even get to these butternut squash enchiladas my sister has been raving about. 

Have a good week, friends.


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