I hope you've been out enjoying the sun today. Spring! In that spirit, I want to bring your attention to a few things. First off, you have probably noticed some layout changes. You can now pin photos, follow the blog on Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin, and/or Instagram, email us directly, and browse the newly organized archives for the Local Food Report and recipes. These updates are thanks to three days with my sister on the couch, coding HTML. Thanks, Anna! We hope you like them. If there's anything terribly wrong or if you find a dropped link, please let us know.

The second is that there are going to be some changes around here in the next few months. First off, Alex and I are expecting another (!) baby. He or she is due to arrive at the end of August or in early September, which is very exciting. And also slightly terrifying.

I'm going to keep posting on Mondays and Thursdays, like usual. That won't change. 

But my mom and my sister are going to be joining me. We've been talking about this for a while, and it seems like the time is right. I could use some help, and some new inspiration, and the three of us email recipes back and forth all the time. Many of the dishes you've seen here have been inspired by what they're making, and I know more than a few of you already have favorites from their repertoires. The photo below was taken on a visit to my grandmother two years ago, and it's the way we spend most of our time together—at the table. We grew up cooking together, and we want to be closer again in the kitchen, at least in spirit. 

My mom and my sister both live in Maine. My mom, Liz, lives in Brunswick, where I grew up. My sister, Anna, lives in Portland, about 45 minutes south, down the coast. My mom has access to an amazing farmers' market, with most of the same seasonal ingredients we have here. Anna is lucky enough to live in a city with a year round market, not to mention numerous seafood markets and green grocers. In short, the recipes they're cooking follow the same seasonality that we do here. 

The focus of the blog will still be on eating locally on Cape Cod. Eating locally in Maine isn't terribly different, however, and from Anna in particular you may see some posts about broader New England topics—like the best local beers. We're really excited about this. If there's anything you want to suggest or if you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it. And in the meantime, please give Anna and Liz a warm welcome, and keep an eye out for their first posts. We'll see you soon.


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