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I can't stay for long today. It's the Fourth of July! I have a parade to attend, and then I need to go to work. That's what we do on holidays here in Restaurant World.

Before I go, though, there's a recipe I want to share. It's featured on this week's Local Food Report (you can listen here), and it's a winner. It's actually not something I want to put in my mouth, but I'm told by hot sauce aficionados that it's something many people want to put in their mouths. It's hot. Sort of like mace, except with flavor.

It comes from Rooster Fricke who lives in Woods Hole. He's a gardener, and his specialty is chili peppers. (You can read more on that here.) He grows literally the hottest varieties in the world (Trinidad Maruga Scorpion and Bhut Jolokian aka the Ghost to name two) and he minces them and flash freezes them to make hot sauce. This year, he's planning on growing over two-hundred pounds of peppers and making seventy-five percent of them into his hot sauce, which he calls Rocket Fuel. That's about two-hundred five-ounce jars. 

Personally, I was felled by a single drop. But I know many of you are much braver. So here's a link to the recipe. Soldier on!


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