Happy almost Thanksgiving!

In honor of the holiday, we're hosting a special off-season farmers' market tomorrow, Saturday the 23rd, in Wellfleet. It'll be at Preservation Hall, the usual spot, but inside instead of out because the backyard's freshly planted with grass and also, it's supposed to be chilly. Here's a list of what we'll have:

Arugula, radish greens, scallions, sweet potatoes, hot peppers, carrots, parsnips, Asian pears, regular pears, apples, pumpkin pies and pie kits, cranberry sauce, dry turkey rub, all kinds of tantalizing preserves, turnips, parsley, cilantro, holiday tea cakes, organic cranberries, cranberry shrub, cranberry ketchup, pumpkin seeds, coffee, hot cocoa, baby escarole, celery, winter squash, beets, The Beat Greens! and pasture-raised chickens from Truro. If you're having a small gathering, these could be your "turkey"! 

It's 10 to 1. I hope we'll see you there.

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