THE BROAD BREASTED BRONZE // the local food report

Hi! I can't stay long this morning, and I'm sure you can't either. But in case you're standing around in the kitchen with your aunts and sisters and papas, I wanted to direct you to this week's Local Food Report. It's on the Broad Breasted Bronze turkey—an older modern breed that's got the big breast of a commercial turkey but the coloring of a wild turkey. It's a cool bird. And the farm manager I talk with—Stan Ingram of Coonamessett Farm in Falmouth—also talks about what free range means to the USDA (not much), what it means to him, and how free range meat needs to be cooked (a little differently). We also delve into modern turkey reproduction, which is anything but natural, and why dark meat might be a better choice than white. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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