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It's coming! Spring! (Ignore the snow yesterday.) Farmers' markets around the Cape will be opening up soon, and spring produce is on the way. If you're looking to get inspired, give a listen to this week's Local Food Report—I talked with farmer Jeff Deck of Not Enough Acres in Dennis. He's got all kinds of crops ready for harvest in his greenhouse, and pretty soon it will be time to bring them to market. Here's when everyone's opening up:

Bass River Farmers' Market
Thursdays 9am to 1:30pm, June 5 through October 9, 2014
Saturdays 9am to 1:30pm, June 7 through October 11, 2014

Chatham Farmers' Market
May 20th opening day
Tuesdays 3pm to 6:30pm

Falmouth Farmers' Market
May 22 through October 9, 2014
Thursdays noon to 6pm

Green Harvest Organic Farmers' Market (Barnstable)
June 4th opening day
Tuesdays noon to 4pm

Orleans Farmers' Market
May 17 through November 22, 2014
Saturdays 8am to noon

Harwich Farmers' Market
June 12 through October 9, 2014
Thursdays 3pm to 6pm

Hyannis/Mid Cape Farmers' Market
June 4th opening day
Wednesdays 2pm to 6pm

Mashpee Commons Farmers' Market
June 2014, date TBA
Sundays 10am to 2pm

Osterville Farmers' Market
June 13 through September 19, 2014
Fridays from 9am to 1pm

Provincetown Farmers' Market
May 17th opening day
Saturdays 11am to 4pm

Sandwich Farmers' Market
May 1st opening day
Tuesdays 9am to 1pm

Sandwich Farmers' Market at Oakcrest*
Wednesdays, April 30th through October 8th, 6am to noon
and Sundays June 1 through September 28, 7am to 1pm
*this market is also a flea market; check ahead for produce availability

Truro Farmers' Market
June 16 through September 29, 2014
Mondays 8am to noon

Wellfleet Farmers' Market
May 14 through October 15, 2014
8am to noon

If a market you know of isn't on the list, let me know and I'll add it. Also, as soon as you can get your hands on some butter crunch lettuce and fresh spring carrots, I highly recommend making this:

It's the salad I made immediately after arriving home from Jeff's greenhouse, and it's about as simple, delicious, and fresh as it gets. Happy spring.


I'm not sure this really qualifies as a recipe. It's the kind of thing I make up every day around noon, once the produce starts coming in. But it is delicious, and worth sharing if only for inspiration.

1 head freshly picked butter crunch lettuce
2 freshly pulled spring carrots
1/2 avocado
1/2 lemon
olive oil
sea salt
ricotta cheese (optional)

Wash the lettuce and tear it into bite size pieces. Slice the carrots thinly and toss them in a salad bowl with the lettuce. Cut the avocado into bite size pieces, scoop them out, and add those. Squeeze the lemon juice over top to taste, drizzle with olive oil, and sprinkle with sea salt. Taste and adjust as needed. If you're using the ricotta, spread a few dollops around and dig in. As you eat the cheese will mix with the oil and become part of the dressing, which is okay. It's good that way.


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