A few years ago—five, maybe six?—we planted a mulberry tree. I got the idea from a neighborhood my sister lived in during college, where every summer it rained mulberries. They stained the sidewalks and porches and stuck to people's shoes, but there were heaps and heaps of beautiful black berries. 

Our tree started producing right away, and every year it's gotten bigger. This year for the first time, the top branches are too high to reach. So the other day Sally and I took out three old sheets, laid them on the ground around the tree, and gave it a good shake. I'd say we got about a quart of berries, and judging by the number of green ones still on the tree, I'd say we have at least another 4-5 quarts coming.

But besides eating them, I'm not really sure what to do with all these mulberries. I've never had enough to try jam or cobbler or ice cream. They don't hold their shape for long, but the flavor is fantastic—subtle, not too sweet, almost grape-y. So I'm wondering—anyone out there have any ideas for mulberries? Any must-try recipes? In the meantime, we'll be snacking.


Unknown said...

I'm not a mulberry expert, but this works great with every other berry I've tried: blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, as well as cherries. Freeze them, spread out on a tray, them put them in a Ziploc bag after they are frozen. Then, don't thaw them, but snack on them frozen. Thawed berries are disappointing, because they get so mushy, but frozen they are delicious.

Laurie said...

No recipes, but I use them fresh in fruit salads, freeze them for smoothies, and can them in mixed berry jams.

posie said...

love this, we had a mulberry tree when we were little! I recently discovered dried mulberries and they are so, so good. maybe you could dehydrate them yourself?

Elspeth said...

Daniel, I like the freezing idea. We've done that often with blueberries and it's nice as it keeps them from clumping.

And Laurie, thanks for the idea of mixed berry jam. I tried straight mulberry once and the texture was kind of weird—gooey?—not quite right. Sounds like a medley is the way to go!

And Posie, I will have to try drying! I don't know if we have enough this year to justify it but that sounds incredibly tasty.

Thanks for all the good ideas!

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