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Aaaand it snows again! And it snow days again! And yes, that's become a verb, because four out of the past four or 4/4 or 100% of the past four school days have been snow days. Which I find simultaneously extremely exciting and extremely annoying, depending on the moment.

No one could be more pleased about this development than Nora, which is ironic because she doesn't even go to school. But Sally is home and I'm home and much of the time Alex, even, has been snowed in, and this is one tiny girl's idea of heaven. I wish I could tell you I've been cooking up all sorts of fabulous recipes, but I haven't. I didn't even make it out to shop until yesterday; we've subsisted the rest of this stormy week on leftovers from my mom's visit and popcorn and kale and banana bread. But today is the day I think. Alex brought home some swordfish from the market, and I have some winter carrots and a tub of nice thick Greek yogurt. I'm going to use these fixings along with some fennel seeds from this year's garden to make my friend Sarah's seared halibut swordfish with coriander and carrots. I promise to report back soon, power willing.


Laura said...

Our snow days have been the same. Today marks a week with no school! I've been busy knitting, cooking and playing games with my 5 year old. Hopefully we see an end to this snow soon though.

Here's what I've done with my snow day so far. Next on the list: baking cookies!


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