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Today, as usual, Alex and I were attempting to sleep for ten extra minutes while Sally picked out a piece of fruit from the bowl on the counter and played in the living room downstairs. This sometimes works, often doesn't, but is always worth a try. (Nora is the late-riser around here.) We heard the screen door open, and then things were blissfully quiet for about a minute and a half, and then we heard Sally patter back up the stairs. 

"Mama, Daddy!" she exclaimed. "I have some very exciting news for you this morning!"

She held up the first ripe strawberry, bright red. She decided it was too special to eat. So instead she brought it into school in her Easter basket, passed it around at circle time (where her friend Jacob apparently took a small bite out of it), brought it home, checked to see if I thought it was still okay, and then ate it. Big day for a little strawberry.

Finally, we checked for more ripe berries since the sun was out all day, and we found two! more!

Happy June, friends.

P.S. We're planning to make these strawberry-rhubarb yogurt pops the moment we get our first big haul. YUMMMM !


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