SEPTEMBER 4 // elspeth

School starts Tuesday. In the meantime, we are savoring the last few days of crazy. The thing is, as hot and busy as this summer has been, it has also been wonderfully unplugged. I can count the number of hours I've spent working on a computer at home on two hands and two feet. We've been working hard, both mentally and physically, but it's been a more old-fashioned kind of work. I'm looking forward to more time to write, but I'm going to try and keep this place in my head: more focus, less wandering. Essentials, exploring. Following curiosity. 

On that note, here's what's got me thinking this week:

Crispy peach cobbler with with a side serving of cute baby. Yes, please!

When Did Parents Get So Scared? Lot of food for thought there.

—An update on Patrick and Thomas, and all the research in between.

—Huh. Will service charges or price increases take the place of tipping?

—My mom is raving about this buttermilk squash soup, which means when I finally get around to making it (in five years?), I'll be kicking myself for not getting to it sooner.

Watermelon popsicles with a tiny splash of vodka. 

—And finally, last but not least: what should I make with the last three Meyer lemons from our tree? Help! I've done one tart, but I need something new. Suggestions would be much appreciated, and whatever I end up making, I promise to share.

See you soon friends.


Anonymous said...

back when our son was in 3rd grade, the new neighbors who had grown up in the city moved in and were afraid their children would get lost. It took negotiating by kids to get permission to play in a wooded area out of sight. They chose to move to a wooded area on a dead end dirt road. I got lost more than once as a child and figured out how to find my way out of the woods. A few years later my son surprised a moose out back so the science project for school that week was getting casts of the moose tracks instead of doing a boring solar system model. Now I have grandchildren. Our son was free to explore the world and wants their children to have confidence in themselves, too. Recently when they were camping on private property with other families, the children were given permission and a walkie talkie to go back to the campsite by themselves. Had to get their own lunches, too. I think my almost 11 year old granddaughter was the oldest. My son got permission from other parents first. Unfortunately, my daughter-in-law said it's no longer safe to let children go to the public library in town because too many strangers hang around there. The 10 year old down the road is allowed to drive the John Deere gator to ferry his grandfather back and forth to hayfields. I wonder if city kids have far less freedom and, yes, I would be worried about growing up with a lack of confidence about exploring.

beth said...

meyer lemons - try making preserved lemons, which requires only salt, lemons, and a jar. very tasty to add to winter dishes, keeps just fine in the fridge.

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