Hi there. Quickly: there's a symposium this Saturday, June 9th, at Castle Hill in Truro that I'm a part of called Beyond the Plate. It's a gathering on food, writing, and community. Some big names will be there—Ruth Reichl and Bill Sertl and John "Doc" Willoughby—and also a whole host of amazing, kick ass people I know and love who are leading the local food movement around here. There are still a few tickets, and if you're around, I hope you'll consider joining. I'm moderating a panel in the morning with Michael Ceraldi, Sarah Waldman, Ali Berlow, and Drew Locke on "Local Food Choices" and teaching a workshop on putting up the harvest with Sarah Waldman in the afternoon. 

This morning, I spent a long time brainstorming questions for the panel and putting together tips on preserving and producing and getting ready to walk people through a quick batch of strawberry rhubarb jam. In the process I was reminded over and over again of why I believe in local food, why I see it as both a balm and a catalyst for modern society, and why it informs so many aspects of my life. It's good to do that—to zoom out and see the big picture, to remind ourselves why we do what we do each day when we're focused on the smaller tasks at hand. 

At any rate, I'm looking forward to it. If you can't make it there swing by the Wellfleet Farmers Market tomorrow—8 to noon, at the Grove behind the Congo, rain or shine. I'll be there helping a friend man his booth and selling a few odds and ends of my own—the first lettuce ! and radishes and herbs and more rhubarb. Fingers crossed for sun. 

See you back here soon, friends. 


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