Fresh egg and lamb fritatta, with far away tomatoes

Earlier this week, a rep came to Mac's Shack from Sisco bearing samples of foods from away in gargantuan portions. Alex tasted and critiqued, and brought home the leftovers. Our fridge overflowed with head upon head of lettuce, buckets of fruit salad, and box upon box of pre-sliced tomatoes. Not one to let food go to waste, I did my best to incorporate it into the week's menu. By Saturday morning, the fruit salad was gone and the lettuce was dwindling, but the tomatoes still sat untouched like a line of pre-cut dominoes.

I remembered a quiche my mother used to make—bacon and tomato—and set to work transforming it into a Wellfleet breakfast. Without a crust, the French quiche quickly became a Spanish fritatta. I stuck with the bacon, but added leftover Barnstable lamb from our Easter feast and seasoned the mix with a dash of Garelick Farms cream and a few sprigs of Rosemary from the hardy plant that sits outside our door.

The result was a misplaced but delicious late August favorite. The tomatoes were perhaps not up to par, but the rest of the local bounty more than made up for what Sisco's lacked.


Fry 4 slices bacon (Top Choice Farm in Plymouth sells live pigs for $100—then instructs the customer to take it to Bridgewater and have the animal slaughtered and smoked—an equally expensive investment, but worth it if you are serious about eating locally and knowing where your meat comes from). Remove slices to drain on paper towel; leave excess fat in pan.

Whisk together 6 fresh eggs. Add a dash of cream or milk, and stir well. Pour into frying pan used to make bacon. Layer on top several slices lamb meat and cooked bacon. Sprinkle with fresh picked and chopped rosemary.

To stay in season, swap the sliced tomatoes for a side of homemade tomato sauce—it makes an excellent dip, and manages to retain the taste of summer without trying to recreate it.

Bake at 375 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes, or until the eggs have set and the top is slightly golden. Serve hot with tomato dipping sauce.


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