Sweet escape: Beanstock Toffee Coffee

It has been one of those weeks. My hairy black friend Fisher ate the loaf of homemade bread featured last Tuesday in one fell swoop; I rushed through harried deadlines to write seven articles in seven days; and Alex missed dinner four nights out of seven in an attempt to finish our (still) under renovation kitchen.

Today's adventure in Cape edibles more than made up for lost time, however, as it featured my absolute favorite earthly delight. Homemade ice cream has a hold on my heart few foods possess; the feel of cold cream against hot tongue, waxen sprinkles crunching against hard cone, and sticky drips hitting eager hands is an experience I await all winter long.

After a morning of blood-pumping outdoor labor in the newly warm Cape Cod sun, I headed to the newly established Sweet Escape in Truro for the first scoop of the season. Not only is the ice cream made on site, but the local flavor choices were superb. Beanstalk Espresso Yourself (made with Wellfleet Beanstock coffee), Lavender Fig (the first an abundant area herb), and Cape Cod Cranberry Bog (a cranberry based ice cream with white chocolate chunks and walnut bites) caught my eye, to name a few. In the end, I opted for Coffee Toffee, a twist on the Beanstock blend littered with gargantuan heath chunks. The experience was exactly as marketed: a sweet escape, and well worth the $3.25 I spent on a Skinny.


jschiller19 said...

Elspeth I didnt think it could get any better than those hot cross buns but MY MOUTH IS WATERING.

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