An invitation

This is an invitation. I'm helping to throw a dinner party, and I very much hope to see you there. It's a community supper, of sorts—on December 11th, at 7pm—a celebration of the fall harvest and the varied fruits of the season.

There will be lamb, from Border Bay Junction Farm in Barnstable, delivered whole and roasted in cuts from top to tail. There will be turnips, too, simmered into soup and served up hot and creamy from the roadside stand in Eastham.

There will be Brussels sprouts from Crow's Farm in Sandwich, greens from Tim Friary's garden at Cape Cod Organic Farm, and fruit pies made from local cranberries and apples.

It's being held at Willy's Gym—tucked back into a wood-floored, mirror paneled room out of the way of all the hubbub in Eastham. The executive chef from Mac's Shack, Jerome Watkins, is cooking there for the winter, and he'll be in the kitchen with me. Sarah Robins from the Flying Fish and Hillcrest Pizza will be there, too, along with her pastry chef Marissa Ferry.

I do hope you'll be there. Between the orchestration of flames beneath pots and pans, the roasting and the plating and the eventual serving, it could be quite a tiring day, and it would be nice to see some familiar faces at the table.

Reserve your spot soon, if you're coming—we can only serve so many (and five courses, too!). They have a list going at Willy's, and you can put your name in by commenting here, too. The cost is $35, which covers not just the food, but a little extra for the women at Safe Harbor Shelter in Hyannis, too. If you're anywhere near, I hope to see you there.


Elspeth said...



PHONE: (207) 522.9944


Kevin said...

When is the dinner? I might have missed the date in your post???

Also, have you seen this Massachusetts based gardening website called garden girl?



Elspeth said...

silly me! it's up, now: dec 11th, at 7pm.

Bie said...

Elspeth; I am sorry I cannot sign up for Dec.11th.It sounds like such fun. Biee

Anonymous said...


I'd like to reserve two seats please.

I'm not comfortable leaving my telephone number in the comments field. Should I contact Willy's and put my name down?

Elspeth said...

That would be great, Janna! They should know the drill at the front desk. If not, ask for Jerome (the chef). The number there is 508.255.6370. I totally understand the phone number issue; anyone else who feels that way is welcome to do the same!

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