Un-interrupted sunshine

It may be August and it may be hot and you may be tired but people RISE AND SHINE! Our farmers' are bringing it in, and now more than ever is the time to stop by. We'll be behind Preservation Hall from 8am to noon, rain or the predicted 73 degrees of pure un-interrupted sunshine. (Amora too.)

Here's what to expect for your meal planning this week:

cherry tomatoes, regular size tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, peaches, Okinawan purple sweet potatoes, yams, fingerling potatoes, squash blossoms, squash, eggs, pole beans, bush beans, eggplants, leeks, purslane, honey, mint, tomatillos, three kinds of pesto, tomatillo salsa, BEACH PLUM JAM, celery, red cabbage, hot peppers, sweet peppers, Turkish eggplants (think tiny plastic jack-o-lanterns), blackberries, and kale (pending a cessation of the rain). 

Oh! and if you're having a dinner party, you don't have to bake. Anabel, Marissa, and Michelle have got you covered with pies in every size and plenty of homemade sweets. 

Happy Labor Day week!


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