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Hi friends. Are things a little bit nutty out there in your world? Nutty enough for...beet-za? Beet pizza? Yes? Still with me? I hope so. That up there is Abby Miner and Caleb Lemieux. They farm at Crooked Farm in Orleans, and this week, they taught me a lot about beets. Including but not limited to: those things you plant are really beet pods, which is why you get three or four seedlings per planted item. So, no matter how carefully you space those rows...it ain't gonna happen. They've accepted it and moved on. They now plant their beet pods in seed trays, and then transplant them into nice, even, straight rows. You can do that too! Also it's not too late to plant beets for a fall harvest. And in case you need a reason...we're back to beet-za. 

Last year Abby and Caleb canned a bunch of beets simmered down with apple cider vinegar and sugar. They said it was epic. They said it made a sauce that was bright bright red, that was good on pasta or even in stir fries, and that was especially good as an unconventional sauce on pizza. Also, they used an immersion blender, which Abby said changed her life. Anyways. Back to beet-za. That term seems to have been coined by a super awesome, kinda nutty farmer/food blogger in the pacific north west named Andrea Bemis. She gives her recipe for a full on beet sauce, goat cheese, oven-baked pizza over here. It's delicious. 

But there's still the canning idea to contend with. I can't seem to find a recipe for what Abby and Caleb are talking about, but I did find this.  It's a sauce called Chrain, and as far as I can tell, it's what they're talking about...with lots of horseradish. Leave that out and I believe you're good to go. Or keep it in if you like some kick, though personally I think it would be a bit odd on pizza. Or rather, beet-za.

I'll leave it at that, friends.


Kelsey Keener said...

The beet spread they made sounds amazing, what a good idea. I don't know those two but just looking at their picture brought a big smile. If you do find the recipe for canning it please do share, it would be such a nice way to put up the abundance of fall beets. Thanks for your great blog full of inspiration!

Posie said...

This sounds so lovely Elspeth! Definitely trying it--great inspiration for something new and a great story to read as always!

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