I'm officially declaring this summer the Summer of the Caprese Salad.  I am a woman obsessed!  My obsession is a combination of a few things - my recent discovery of this Maplebrook mozzarella, the basil plant in my garden that is growing out of control, and most importantly, the fact that I recently started making my own balsamic glaze at home.  

Really, this post is a public service announcement about balsamic glaze more than a post about a recipe. Balsamic glaze brings Caprese salad to another level of deliciousness. And it's so easy to make. SO easy.  In fact, rather than mess with a perfectly good two-ingredient recipe, I'd like to direct you over here to check it out.  If you have balsamic vinegar and honey (or brown sugar), you can make this in 15 minutes.  

PS. If you're looking for a more substantial meal, I also highly recommend drizzling this pasta with balsamic glaze. 


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